Another Night In Paris

Wow, I can't believe it! A second post in a row...must be a full moon or something! Hehehe, no actually, I wanted to make sure everyone in Scraplandia is aware that Digital Pixel Pixies is having a Grand Re-Opening special. We have new owners, new specials, and a fantastic design team who have come together to creat this very special CU Grab Bag as a giveaway for one lucky winner! It's value is at least $75....and did I mention it's CU?

Your response to A Night in Paris has been wonderful, especially to my dd's first effort at creating a quickpage. Thank you so much! I have another quickpage for your freebie today. I hope you enjoy it.


See you at DPP!
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Night in Paris QP Freebie

I have a new kit at Digital Pixel Pixies. It's called, A Night in Paris. It has vintage pinks, soft gray, and midnight blue. All of the elements were hand-picked by my dd. And since it's such a sweet kit to work with, I have a quickpage freebie for you today using A Night in Paris.


Speaking of Digital Pixel Pixies, there is gonna be a whole of of shaking going on there. We are under new management and a grand re-opening is planned. Over at the DPP Forum, I have sponsored THREE challenges---yes, I must be crazy! I am sponsoring the Element Challenge, where you get one of my famous tubes, a fantastic poloroid frame for September. I am sponsoring the Pixie Wordart Challenge, where you'll get a wonderful quote about daughters to work with this month. And finally, I am co-sponsoring the Lyrical Challenge. We couldn't decide on a single song to use, so we're going to use both of them. My song is Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. Hmmm, wonder if anyone would think to use the daughter wordart from the Wordart challenge. I just might have to award a bonus to anyone who did, hint hint! ROTFLOL!

We're also having a HUGE grand re-opening CU giveaway too. You don't want to miss it. Sigh, I've seen some of the goodies going into the kit and I really wish I was allowed to get it!

See ya soon at DPP!



Sweet Tooth? I Have Your Sugar Fix

I have a fantastic new kit going into stores tomorrow! Candy Shoppe is full of all of those calorie filled, sweet sensations without the risk of gaining weight. And if you hurry, you can snag it for 40% off it's regular $4 price only at Digital Pixel Pixies until the end of the month.
And I have a little sample from Candy Shoppe for your freebie today.
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Tags & Awards

Wow, I got my first award! Thank you Caroline, this really rocks!

I've been playing with wordart again. Nothing is nicer than some well done wordart, but I just wasn't able to find the one that "fit" the layout I was doing. Would you like to see my finished product? Of course you would, hehehehe!

And since I created this lovely bit of wordart for my layout, I thought there just might be someone out there who could use it too, so here is your freebie for today:


Gratefully yours,


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Feeling Native

There was a totally awesome event at the local musem where Native Americans all demonstrated their native crafts. I loved the katchina dolls and the fantastic folks who shared all of their yummy goodies making fry bread and the interesting beaver chili. So, I was more than motivated to try my hand at Native American art. Therefore, you get some awesome totems vectors for your freebie today.


Wishing You Peace,


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Are You Hungry??

I'm trying something new tonight. Instead of posting all of the pictures, I created a slideshow in Picassa. I'm hoping it works for you. I've been working on food tubes and the slideshow should show you all of the tubes that I've completed. Please let me know if you can't see it, because I can see it just fine. I've also got a freebie for you. It's not quite a mini kit, but it's more than some tubes. This kit has all sorts of breakfast food tubes, as well as a paper. I hope you enjoy it!


May Your Wishes Come True,


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Back to Oz and Siblings too

I have completed another couple of packs for my Over the Rainbow tribute pack. I was asked why I split the kit up....simply it's too large on it's own to be one kit. I believe there will be a coupon in the near future (hints have been heard) with all of the various parts sold for one price, but for now, I'm offering everything seperately. The first pack I have for you is an element pack to go with all of the wonderful paper packs I've been offering you the past couple of weeks. This element pack is print quality, CU/PU/S4H, and a lot of fun.
The second kit I'm gonna show you is a bunch of character tubes. These are all from my personal memorabilia collection--didn't I say that The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite movie? These are only PU because they are photos of various figurines, dolls, and Christmas tree ornaments.
This next set of elements is a bunch of flairs created from photos and movie posters. Again, these are only PU.
Finally, I was doing a layout for a friend and needed the perfect wordart for the layout. I couldn't find the perfect wordart, so I ended up making my own and thought that I'd share it with you. I figured that if I was looking for wordart about siblings, then someone else might be too.

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Whooo Hooo! I'm Designer of the Month!

Hey, lookit! I was named designer of the month at Digital Pixel Pixies!! And in honor of that I have TWO surprises for you! The first is a month long sale on ALL of my kits, alphas, elements and wordart at DPP~everything will be 40% off for the entire month of August!

The second surprise I have, is a full-sized kit that I put together since I'm soo happy about being named designer of the month. This kit is fun and funky, like me. And since it's like me, I thought I'd make it all my favorite color......with a pixie thrown in for fun!

Comments are always welcome -- hint, hint!
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Update: I've got a new paper pack for my tribute to The Wizard of Oz finished. This one is dedicated to the Scarecrow. You will get 19 bandana inspired papers in a rainbow of hues. Although it's part of the Over the Rainbow kit, this paper pack would be an excellent addition to your designer arsenal, especially for country layouts.
And for you today, I have something a little different. I've been playing with vectors and here are a collection of some for you.




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Tribute to The Wizard of Oz

I've been working on a tribute to my all-time favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. I've gone overboard, since I've already got several paper packs done and haven't even begun to work on the elements. I decided to go ahead and release them seperately since they are a.) too cute to keep sitting around on my hard drive and b.) excellent additions to anyone's design kit. Did I mention that they are all CU/PU/S4H and only $3.50 each? What a bargain!

Here are some sweet gingham papers inspired by Dorothy's dress.
These papers are glittered and are inspired from Glenda's sparkly gown.
These papers are cute dotted swiss, inspired by Auntie Em's kitchen curtains, but perfect for any designer's kit!
This set of papers is a rainbow array of foils that would be wonderful for any special layout--Christmas is coming.
I'm still working on the Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow papers, but I do have a fun set papers for you that just didn't quite fit the paper packs I've already put together.
Best Wishes,
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