Patriotic Paper Pack

I've got a full-size paper pack for you today. It's 10 papers, all in print quality at 300 dpi.

I also want to remind everyone of the store Grand Opening at Digital Pixel Pixels July 1!

Also coming on July 1 is the Starving Artist collab. Wow, what a fantastic way to start the month!



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Grand Opening at Digital Pixel Pixies and a Victorian freebie

Mark your calendars and clear your hard drives! July 1 marks the grand opening of Digital Pixel Pixies! For these ten days you'll find sales, special freebies, and the release of a storewide MEGA collab! And while I was cleaning out my hard drive to go on a spending spree of my own--you can't imagine how gorgeous some of these kits are---I found some beautiful Victorian images that I've extracted and cleaned up for you.


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New Items, Mega Collab and 4th of July Freebie!

Lots of news coming your way today! First of all, just wanted to give you a heads-up to a once in a lifetime opportunity, the Starving Artist Mega Store Collab! We have designers from over 50 stores participating and the previews that I've seen are awesome! You won't want to miss out on this I wanted to let you know that I have just uploaded two gorgeous paper packs in my stores at Digi Style Designs and at Digital Pixel Pixies. The first set is a 16 paper pack in deep, rich jewel tones that is perfect for any designer's stock, especially since it's CU!
The second set is a set of papers designed especially for those first days of school. Each paper was made using my set of CU overlays (which will be part of the July store collab at Digi Style Designs) in bright Crayola inspired colors.

Still hanging on with me? Before I get to the freebie, I just wanted to share my opinion on one of the new summer movies. The family and I all went to see the movie Hangover. It is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, even with all the sophomoric humor! There were no lulls, I found myself laughing from beginning to end and my chest was sore when I left from laughing so hard. So, if you need a good laugh, Hangover is a good movie for the over 13 year old crowd (mature language, nudity & sexual content).

Hey, if you stayed with me all the way here, you deserve a special freebie. Today I have a patriotic mini kit: 3 papers, 3 mats, 3 frames and 1 glitter ribbon. And it is all CU! If you download, please leave me a little love!



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Dollar Sale at DPP, NEW Kit & a Freebie

There is a fantastic dollar days sale going on at Digital Pixel Pixies! All of my kits and alphas are part of the sale, which means you could save up to 75%, so hurry over and make sure you load up on all of the goodies. Speaking of sales, my newest kit - Red, White & Bling - WILL be part of this awesome sale and so will my new alpha, Scrabble

Here's a little sneak peak:

And to give you a little taste, here is a little wordart using Scrabble.


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New 4th of July Kit at Digital Pixel Pixies and a CU freebie

Look what I have for you today! I have a fun set of 8 colorful papers inspired by the 80's flair for bright neon colors. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. But, before you get your goodies, you gotta read about my new kit at Digital Pixel Pixies.

Just in time for the 4th of July, I have a fantastic new kit at Digital Pixel Pixies called, Freedom Isn't Free. I wanted to do something to commemorate all the brave men and women who have fought to keep America free and something traditionally patriotic, so I combined the two and voila, Freedom Isn't Free. You can get it at Digital Pixel Pixies

Now if you want the Funky Brights, DOWNLOAD HERE Please leave a comment if you download.


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New Look & New CU Freebie

Don't you just love the new layout? A super big thank you to Tootsie from Tootsie's Creationz for spending the whole night "pimping" my blog! I think she did an awesome job! So in honor of Tootsie (and by popular demand) I have a new commerical use freebie for you!

And also by popular request, all items are full-sized instead of tagger-sized. I will make sure to mark my freebies by size from now on.


Sweet Dreams!


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Fun Freebie and a New Kit Going In the Store!

Just a little background to explain today's freebie. My dog is fat...in fact she looks like a tootsie roll with legs. My ds is training to enter the marines, so he's in a fitness kick. He told my fat little dog that she needed to do some crunches so she would have a six pack like he does. I mentioned that she looked like she had a keg instead of a six pack and this wordart was born. Hope you enjoy it!
And now for a preview of my newest kit, Coffee Break. I had a lot of fun designing this kit with it's rich browns, deep red and a flash of cream, it can be used for any heritage or fall layout. It was also a trip through memory alley with all those times of tagging along with my grandpa as he drank coffee and smoked his pipe while talking about the good ole days.

You can find Coffee Break at Digital Pixel Pixies and speaking of stores......I've been accepted into another store! Hopefully you'll be seeing my kits at Digi Style Designs in the very near future! Yeah!

Digi Style Designs

As always, have a magical day!


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Sneak Peak and a CU Freebie!

Wow, thanks to everyone who took the time to leave comments when they snagged their goodies! It really helps us silly designers when we get some love....as I'm sure you've seen on other blogs, so I won't keep going on about it.

I also need to thank the readers who went to the store at Digital Pixel Pixies to look at (and hopefully purchase) my kits who took the time to let me know that my kits aren't showing up in the store. Admin is now aware of it and will correct the problem ASAP.

Speaking of Digital Pixel Pixies, I have a sneaky peak of part of my portion---it's a huge paper pack! And those of you on dial-up don't need to worry, 'cause I broke it down to 3 downloads, no larger than 30 mb.

Okay, now on to the freebie. I was very lucky when I began designing to find people who set me up with all sorts of CU freebies. I've decided to pay it forward with a little CU mini-kit. This kit has two overlays and a ribbon all ready for you to start designing with. Let me know if you like it or not so I can decide whether or not to make more designer resource materials!


Another digital scrapbooking Freebie!

Just a little freebie for you today. Today I have one of the frames from my element sets, In the Doghouse. This one isn't included in any of the sets for sale, so make sure you snag it. And if you are interested in the rest of the sets, they are at Digital Pixel Pixies.
Sorry, link expired

Coming up real soon, we'll have a special collab charity kit for Epilepsy Awareness. We've got many talented designers working hard to make this fantastic kit--and from what I've seen, it's gonna be awesome!

In fact, I'll give you a little sneaky peak of the color palette, but don't tell anyone! lol

As always, sweet dreams,
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New Alpha Freebie

I've got a fun freebie for you today! It's a very versatile alphabet in fun citrus colors. It's all lower case. But if you want the rest (upper case, numbers and punctuation), it's at Digital Pixel Pixies.
Sorry, link expired
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New Kit in the Store and a Freebie!

Today you get dessert first! I have a fun little add-on to my Very Violet kit. I thought I'd whet your appetite for the full kit with this little add-on. It has:
  1. 5 papers
  2. one folded paper border
  3. a violet
  4. a leaf
  5. an orchid with a butterfly
  6. one violet glass pebble with drop shadow
  7. one layered journal tag
  8. a violet flair,
  9. and a violet covered mirror.
    And I just can't help showing off my newest kit going into the store at Digital Pixel Pixies! Here is Very Violet. It's a romantic kit with all sorts of fun and different elements--perfect for those romantic layouts. This week you'll find it for only $4.00, which is a steal. And while you're there, check out some of the other fantastic kits and the beautiful layouts in the gallery
Keep your eyes open for the gorgeous June collab kit. It'll hit the shelves soon!
Until then, have a magical day!
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